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BS&A provides an easy-to-use CASS Certification process in our Utility Billing, Tax, Assessing, and P.R.E. Audit applications.  CASS is a United States Postal Service (USPS) acronym that stands for Coding Accuracy Support System.

The term CASS is widely used by the USPS when referring to the verification status of an address list. This process will go through the parameters that you select for your database, then verify or change the address accordingly, or simply display a warning that the address does not exist and could not be certified. 

CASS standardizes the following address information:

• street address
• city
• state
• zip+4
• carrier route
• delivery point codes

This is accomplished by comparing the mailing information to a very large national address database and making correction(s) if necessary. 

IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcode) is a 65-barcode that the USPS uses for pieces of mail in the United States.  The IMB incorporates the routing ZIP code and tracking information for a fast and more efficient service by the USPS.  Our software has the ability to set up and use this IMB barcode.

The end result of utilizing the CASS Certification process is an accurate address that is printed exactly how USPS wants to see it – which includes the printing of the IMB.  This allows the USPS to process mail much more efficiently.  The gained efficiency is passed along to the mailer in the form of discounted postal rates – also known as "Automation Prices."  

Of the many different types of automation prices (postcards, letters, flats, full-service IMB tracking), postcards are by far the cheapest, and therefore used by most municipalities in Utility Billing.


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