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What is a User Group?

User Group meetings are held for users of our .NET applications, and focus on…

  • Presenting new features in a relaxed, open environment; these are not training classes or demos.
  • Highlighting useful features that may get overlooked in day-to-day use.

  • Providing an opportunity for customers to get together and discuss their use of the software.

  • Providing an opportunity for customers to request features, and for those requests to be discussed and perhaps improved upon.

User Group meetings are also a great way for our customers to meet the support and development staff, catch a glimpse of upcoming projects, and participate in an open forum to address any questions or concerns.

We want to hear all of your ideas and critiques –that is how we make every program better, more user-friendly, and more efficient. We also want to communicate the best way we can enhance our programs to positively affect every user.

Users who are new to the software are encouraged to have at least six months of experience with the software before attending a User Group meeting. Quite often, topics arise that can leave a new user feeling overwhelmed, and it is important that these meetings remain a positive experience.

Our Most Recent User Group

Our most recent Community Development User Group meeting held in February 2013 entailed a meet and greet of our Community Development staff, followed by an overview of our favorite new features. Like all of our User Group meetings, a light breakfast and full lunch was served.

To see the topics and new features that were discussed at this February meeting, please view the  document (PDF) below.

February CD User Group.pdf

We have begun recording User Group meetings and making them available on our website for users who were unable to attend. If you missed a meeting and would like to view the video, please click the link below.

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Why use BS&A Software?

Save your staff time with the use of Internet Services. We know you don’t have the extra resources to have your key personnel spend a large part of their day answering tax and utility billing questions from title companies and realtors. We save you time by providing that information on-line.

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BSA has a complete approach for integration of our software. They had full integration with the property tax, Utility, Permits and Cash Receipt systems. Our experience with assessing and tax opened the door. I appreciate the speed in providing solutions as laws are changing. Some features we like: 1) Tracking transactions to the source. 2) Blocking incorrect entries. You can’t enter an out of balance by fund transaction.
Daniel L. Carlton, Township Manager

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