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S.I.D., or Support Information Display, was developed as a way for Support Managers to further communicate with their staff on a consistent basis. S.I.D. was the brainchild of the entire support department during monthly departmental meetings, and is successfully being used to convey all of the important information the Support Department needs to know throughout the day.

Two, very large S.I.D. monitors are set up on each side ofthe support department for easy viewing by all support technicians and those walking through. Each week, or sooner when necessary, managers update S.I.D.with information pertaining to the following: 

  • Support statistics for departments to view average call back time, average number of calls for the month, and best monthly call back time.
  •  Phone listing so that we can see who is currently on the phone at any time. This is helpful for our newest support staff to verify who is on the phone and who they can shadow support calls with.

  • New customers starting with our applications that week

  • Where our trainers are that week

  • Department schedule, including any internal classes, meetings, and time off

  • Any special events such as birthdays and anniversaries
  • Motivational quotes and office trivia

  • Meeting recaps

  • Special announcements of new hires

  • Meeting reminders and class dates

  • Software update information

  • Company-wide reminders and announcements

 As our company and the support departments grow, it is helpful to have a tool that works to strengthen our call-back times and keeps our technicians informed and up-to-date. So far, S.I.D. has been extremely beneficial to the support employees, and we are looking forward to putting this technology in other departments in the future. 

(The image above is an example of one of the rotating screens on S.I.D. This screen captures daily Support Department statistics and encourages quicker response times to ensure a minimal waits for customers.)

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