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In order to pull specific data out of the Building Department program (tables, reports, Excel spreadsheets, or charts), it is necessary to run a filter.

Creating a filter is the program’s way of sifting through ALL of its records and displaying ONLY the info you need. Think of a filter as a sieve: it lets some information through while blocking out the rest.

Applying a filter has the same look and feel in every area of the program. The first tab shows “common” report filters and gives the most used options for a given table. The second tab shows more advanced filter options, allowing you to pull more detailed information or data from other sources (depending on the nature of the filter).

Edit Filter Condition gives you the ability to change the operator for a given value: Equals will show only records that match exactly; Not Equals will show all records BUT that value; Between allows you to pull a range of information (effective for dates); Starts With will pull only records that begin with the value (very useful when searching by record number); and so on.

On the Advanced Filter Options tab, you can also change the adjoining operators from ALL to ANY to control what the filter must match for more control over the data you receive.

When you have created a filter, you can save it to your database to use again later. The filter can be loaded from anywhere in the program, saving you time and allowing other users to view the same results.

While simple filters are generally easy enough to input and understand, more advanced filters can pose difficulties. If you are filtering data and receiving “No records exist” messages, it is possible that a condition or operator is incorrect. Please feel free to contact tech support for assistance.

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