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Would it be safe for me to say that, what you expect from customer service, I am prepared to give? Yes! When I think of what the customer might be going through at the time, I can give them better support, have more compassion, really try to listen a little more closely, and be more patient. I am able to think of what a customer might be going through by thinking about what I or someone I care about is going through, and what I would want for them when they call support. What support means to me, from the perspective of me calling for support:
  • Last line of defense. I have tried everything I can possibly think of, and if support can’t fix it, then I feel as though I’m out of luck.
  • I expect whomever I call to actually listen to my problem.
  • I don’t expect to get the runaround or have them try to talk me out of what I’m trying to do.
  • When they say I will get a call back, then I expect them to call me back.
  • They should sound like they’re happy and willing to help me. Also, if they’re too scripted it’s a turnoff because I don’t know if what they’re telling me is real or if they have to say it.
  • I feel really good when I get good customer service and I am much more willing to cut the support person some slack if I can tell they are really trying to solve the issue I’ve come to them with.
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