The BS&A Payroll application automates the most complex compensation and deduction scenarios, offering flexibility to a variety of municipalities. All necessary reporting is included, along with easy W2 processing and electronic submission. Simple direct deposit processing and emailing of password-protected PDF check stubs supports paperless offices.

Direct Deposit

Secure ACH direct deposit decreases paper handling and reduces the potential for check fraud. Employees’ deposits may be spread to an unlimited number of bank accounts, and check stubs may be emailed to employees in a password-protected PDF format.

Customizable Year-to-Date Screen

Easily view YTD information for each employee based on user-defined parameters. Items that can be displayed include: pay codes, deductions/expenses, leave balances, and direct deposit amounts. Drill down to individual transactions to ascertain which checks are included in the totals. Print transaction registers that show details.

Remittance Checks

Create remittance checks in Payroll, keeping all payroll transactions in one application.

Leave Accrual

Flexible means of accruing and tracking leave time based on user-definable parameters includes: a) Maximum number of hours allowed in each leave bank, b) Number of hours that may be carried forward to the next year, c) Frequency of accrual (i.e. monthly, first of the year, anniversary date, etc.), d) Accrual method based on a table (i.e. number of years worked).

W2 Processing

Automated W2 processing uses all IRS-supported formats including the EFW2 file creation for submission to the Social Security Administration.

Flexible Deduction Setup

Complex deduction scenarios are easily set up and can be customized for each employee from the setup screen without having to access each employee’s screen. Child support and garnishment calculations are built-in, and deductions can be set up using tables to reduce the amount of deduction codes needed.

941 Quarterly Reports

Transfer report totals to the 941 Quarterly form. All calculations are done on one report.

Accrued Wages and Liabilities

A simple process allows you to post a percentage of a payroll back to a previous accounting period.

Self-Administered Retirement

Manage contributions, interest, and withdrawals for self-administered retirement plans. Generate customized retirement statements and re-print previous statements.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is set up using your bank’s specifications. The export file is easily created and provides a list for your bank to use as a cross-reference, preventing check fraud.

Comprehensive Collection of Built-in Reports… and a Free Report Writer

Why purchase a financial management system only to then invest more time creating the reports you need? BS&A’s applications come with an extensive list of flexible and easily-customizable reports.

A powerful Report Writer is included at no charge, giving you the ability to create reports you find necessary for your jurisdiction.

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