Purchase Order

The BS&A Purchase Order application provides a graphical flowchart-based workflow setup, enabling you to easily translate your approval rules to electronic format. Our optional web-based Vendor and Bidder Self-Service module offloads data entry tasks to your suppliers, while giving you final control over changes.

Integrated, Graphic Workflow and Approval Process

Graphical flowcharts illustrate and aid in the setup of the approval decision workflow in a simple, easy-to-use manner. Drag and drop to set up the “next-in-line” to approve a requisition or purchase order. Templates provide easy duplication of workflow for similar items.

Requisitions and Purchase Order Approval via the Web, Email, or Smartphone

Purchasing decision-makers can approve or deny off-site, reducing the number of employees to be granted authorization power. You can leave the office without wondering what’s being purchased without your knowledge.

Easy Change Order Process

Change orders are easily entered, with history of all changes easily accessible. All pre-encumbrance and encumbrance accounting is handled automatically.

Automatic Transfer to BS&A Fixed Assets

Purchases of capital assets may be identified at time of requisition, which then flows through the approval process to the time of purchase, automatically updating BS&A Fixed Assets. Duplicate entry of asset-related transactions is eliminated.

Mass Approval/Denial of Requisitions

Mass approve/deny from a single screen. Requisitions can be selected individually or by group, and once approved, quickly converted into purchase orders.

Bid Tracking and Online Bidder Self-service

Bidders are maintained separately from Vendors, yet are easily converted to Vendors. The optional Online Bidder Self-Service feature automates bidder registration, while the approval/denial feature of bidder-entered changes gives you complete maintenance control.

Comprehensive Collection of Built-in Reports… and a Free Report Writer

Why purchase a financial management system only to then invest more time creating the reports you need? BS&A’s applications come with an extensive list of flexible and easily-customizable reports.

A powerful Report Writer is included at no charge, giving you the ability to create reports you find necessary for your jurisdiction.

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It has become easier to balance bank statements in the new system. You do not need to have all related applications open in order to balance the account. Entries from other applications can be seen in General Ledger with a few clicks of the mouse. All programs are linked making it easier to avoid errors when entries may have otherwise had to be entered several times. Being able to create and modify your own reports is a feature we really like.
Kurt Kuure, City Clerk, Treasurer

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