What Makes Us Different?

BS&A Software’s consistent ability to execute and achieve impressive growth and profitability in a challenging economic environment reflects our sound management philosophy and validates the strength of our business model. We are focused on continuing to implement the following:

Providing best-in-class local government software using leading-edge technology at a value price.

Our talented software developers and product specialists continuously query the needs of our customers to ascertain where we should be from a technological and feature standpoint.

We are committed to accomplishing this goal from a value perspective. Our Financial Management System has numerous high-end features at a value price.

Forging a company philosophy that challenges and rewards support technicians and software developers to consistently go the extra mile to solve customer issues.

Our company culture is completely externally driven. Our team members are rewarded based on how well they have created satisfied customers.

Creating a “closed loop” feedback system between our customers, technical support, and software developers to allow for a lightning-fast problem resolution.

It is very common for our customers, tech support personnel, and software developers to be on conference calls together so we completely understand the problem at hand. This allows us to quickly and efficiently come up with a solution.

Continued investment in product development by keeping a vigilant eye on the needs of our customers.

We are adding new features to our software applications every day. The vast majority of these features are requests from our existing customer base. We are second-to-none when it comes to responsiveness to our customers.

Expert and detailed data conversion skills to make the software transition as seamless as possible.

We have successfully converted data from a variety of applications and software platforms. We are extremely good at it.

Integrity, honesty, and a strong desire to be extremely easy to do business with.

We pride ourselves on doing what we say we are going to do. We are straight shooters throughout the entire process:

  • We don’t charge support fees for our applications the first year of our agreement (most of our competitors do).
  • Many times, software implementation takes several months to complete. We don’t invoice for our software and training services until everything has been delivered.
  • We offer a one-year, risk-reversal pledge on our software. If, up to a year after installation, you are not happy with our software and service, you can return our software for a full refund.

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