What Support Means to Me

We are very good at troubleshooting the issues our customers bring to us. I’m proud of the teamwork that we have with each other, and how good we are at teaching our customers more efficient ways to assist them in their positions. I enjoy hearing, “Wow, you called back really fast!” I enjoy hearing the…

What Support Means to Me

Support means finding the most effective way possible to resolve a customer’s issue in a courteous manner, while also giving them the knowledge and tools they need to repair similar problems in the future.

Ryan Klein

What Support Means to Me

Would it be safe for me to say that, what you expect from customer service, I am prepared to give? Yes! When I think of what the customer might be going through at the time, I can give them better support, have more compassion, really try to listen a little more closely, and be more…

Mitchell Feldpausch

What Support Means to Me

I believe that support is making the customer feel comfortable calling for help, no matter how “stupid” they feel the issue is. We are here for them regardless of the complexity of their issue. Support is teaching the customer how to perform a task and encouraging them to learn it. Support is the customer’s biggest…

Christy Dipzinski

What Support Means to Me

I believe our support is above and beyond the traditional definition of the word. We don’t sound “scripted,” and we get to know our customers on a personal and friendly level to make them feel comfortable continuing to call for help. We often join in on others’ support calls just to see if we can…

Amy Armstrong

What Support Means to Me

Support, to me, is giving assistance and/or taking part in helping another. Support means patience and teamwork. It is a time to help others gain knowledge and advance their skills at the position they are working in. Support means being a mentor to others and lending a hand when time permits. Support is a job…

Chrissy Hollern

A Greener Option for Tax Bills

Save time and resources by utilizing BS&A Online’s Tax Bill print feature! While paper bills will still need to be sent out at the beginning of July and December, BS&A Online’s Tax Bill print feature lets taxpayers view an electronic copy of their bill, potentially eliminating phone calls, customer walk-ups, and re-printing of bills in…

Ben Stegenga

Exporting to Excel for Robust Reporting

The Excel export can be used as an alternative to generating reports through the Report Designer, and is available on most tables. Instead of editing a report and choosing the data fields to include, exporting to Excel allows you to easily select the data to export, and allows you to group and sum fields to…

Jeremy Latuszek

Assessing Software Training and Education

BS&A offers several classes on how to most efficiently use our Assessment Administration [CAMA] System.  All of these classes are included on the approved list for 6 hours of continuing education credit by the State Tax Commission.  The classes offered cover abroad range of topics and are designed for both advanced and new users.  Additionally,…

Scott Gross

Contract Assessing Market

Our Assessing support and training staff are frequently asked, “When will your company expand its presence in the reappraisal and contract assessing part of the Michigan market?” Although the thought of this venture sounds exciting, and aligns somewhat with what we currently offer, we have no plans to expand into this market.  All of our…

Scott Gross