A Greener Option for Tax Bills

Save time and resources by utilizing BS&A Online’s Tax Bill print feature!

While paper bills will still need to be sent out at the beginning of July and December, BS&A Online’s Tax Bill print feature lets taxpayers view an electronic copy of their bill, potentially eliminating phone calls, customer walk-ups, and re-printing of bills in your office. If taxpayers choose to print the bill, they must first save it as a PDF, giving them a greener option.

An exact copy of the bill is provided, showing current parcel balance, Board of Review adjustments, and any accrued interest/penalty. Taxpayers will know the exact status of their parcel at the time the electronic bill is viewed/saved.

Any bill format can be used, including custom formats designed for you. Additionally, a user-defined watermark can be placed on the web version of the bill, to easily distinguish between a copy sent from your office and a copy printed from BS&A Online.

The BS&A Online Tax Bill print feature is available for Tax .NET users. Setting up this feature can be accomplished in a few simple steps; instructions are provided in the software manual, or you may contact Support for assistance.

Ben Stegenga