Contract Assessing Market

Our Assessing support and training staff are frequently asked, “When will your company expand its presence in the reappraisal and contract assessing part of the Michigan market?”

Although the thought of this venture sounds exciting, and aligns somewhat with what we currently offer, we have no plans to expand into this market.  All of our Assessing staff has experience working for local government, and is familiar with what our customers need from their CAMA software.  It’s our long-term goal to maintain what you need within your software so you can handle your daily work-load, but it is not our intention to grow another division of the company to handle reappraisal/contract assessing services.

Several members of our staff do currently handle the assessment administration function for approximately 10 units of government. The purpose of these contracts is to use our software in the real world, and gain first-hand experience  of what is needed.

Scott Gross