Submitting an Effective Support Request

About a year ago, BS&A added a great feature to all of its applications, allowing users to easily submit requests for support without having to pick up the phone. Instead, requests could be submitted directly through the Help menu of each of our applications:
Submitting An Effective Support Request

This feature has proven to be very successful; we now receive roughly 30% of support requests through our Help menus.

There have been a few occasions, however, where an email comes through, but does not contain enough information for our support team to effectively and efficiently provide an answer. Here are some tips to help you get the quick customer service you deserve and are accustomed to:

Request Support Phone Call Option
Please include a detailed description of your problem or question. If there are any attachments that will help the support tech diagnose or visualize the issue, please be sure to include them.

Email Support Option

  • When sending an email through the Help menu, please make sure to include your name, your municipality’s name, and a thorough description of your problem or question.
  • If you would prefer a phone call to an email response, please indicate that in your email. Please be sure to include a contact name and phone number, and a good time to call.
  • If possible, please make sure any screenshots you include are clear enough for our techs to see, so that they can adequately address the issue.
  • When speaking with one or more of our support techs, please continue to use the same email thread with which you initiated contact. This will ensure that support techs have a complete history of the issue, something that can get lost in a flood of separate emails.
Sheri Trotter