A Greener Option for Tax Bills

Save time and resources by utilizing BS&A Online’s Tax Bill print feature!

While paper bills will still need to be sent out at the beginning of July and December, BS&A Online’s Tax Bill print feature lets taxpayers view an electronic copy of their bill, potentially eliminating phone calls, customer walk-ups, and re-printing of bills in your office. If taxpayers choose to print the bill, they must first save it as a PDF, giving them a greener option.

An exact copy of the bill is provided, showing current parcel balance, Board of Review adjustments, and any accrued interest/penalty. Taxpayers will know the exact status of their parcel at the time the electronic bill is viewed/saved.

Any bill format can be used, including custom formats designed for you. Additionally, a user-defined watermark can be placed on the web version of the bill, to easily distinguish between a copy sent from your office and a copy printed from BS&A Online.

The BS&A Online Tax Bill print feature is available for Tax .NET users. Setting up this feature can be accomplished in a few simple steps; instructions are provided in the software manual, or you may contact Support for assistance.

Ben Stegenga

Assessing Software Training and Education

BS&A offers several classes on how to most efficiently use our Assessment Administration [CAMA] System.  All of these classes are included on the approved list for 6 hours of continuing education credit by the State Tax Commission.  The classes offered cover abroad range of topics and are designed for both advanced and new users.  Additionally, within these classes we offer topics on specific items such as GIS integration, how to use APEX sketching software with our program, and clerical and administrative entry of PRE’s, PTA’s, and deeds.  Class schedules are published in our quarterly newsletters.

Scott Gross

Contract Assessing Market

Our Assessing support and training staff are frequently asked, “When will your company expand its presence in the reappraisal and contract assessing part of the Michigan market?”

Although the thought of this venture sounds exciting, and aligns somewhat with what we currently offer, we have no plans to expand into this market.  All of our Assessing staff has experience working for local government, and is familiar with what our customers need from their CAMA software.  It’s our long-term goal to maintain what you need within your software so you can handle your daily work-load, but it is not our intention to grow another division of the company to handle reappraisal/contract assessing services.

Several members of our staff do currently handle the assessment administration function for approximately 10 units of government. The purpose of these contracts is to use our software in the real world, and gain first-hand experience  of what is needed.

Scott Gross

Contract Services with the State of Michigan

BS&A’s Assessing support staff and software development team currently work with the Department of Treasury on three separate contracts related to the compilation of Taxable/Assessed Value data.

1) State Assessed Properties. We provide the software to create state assessed values, rolls, and tax bills for all State Assessed Telephone Companies, Railroads, and Carlines.  This process ends with the collection of $50 million dollars of property taxes for the State.

2) eEqualization. This program allows Equalization Directors to submit year-end values by propertyclassification for all 1,800 local units of government, and 83 counties, into acommon web portal.  This program has beenused for 6 years.

3) SATR. The purpose of this contract is to determine the State Average Tax Rate for the entire State of Michigan.  This process involves the collection and reporting of every Taxing Authority millage rate(s) within the State of Michigan.  Data is populated by 83 County Equalization Directors into a web app that allows countless reports to be written for statistical purposes, and provides projections for various state departments.

Scott Gross

How many units use BS&A Assessing?

Our Assessment Administration support and training staff are frequently asked, “How many governmental unit Assessors use your CAMA System?”

Currently, BS&A is proud to state that we serve 99% of the Michigan Assessor market.  We believe this presence provides a tremendous advantage with respect to consistency and cost.  Since we are able to spread the software development and support cost among many governmental units, we are able to provide our services at a reasonable price.

When we started 25 years ago, we obviously had an uphill battle breaking into the Michigan Assessor market.  We all recall the tremendous hard work that went into that endeavor and pledge to never rest on our laurels.  We plan to continuously push to get better, to innovate, and to provide world-class service.

Scott Gross