What Support Means to Me

We are very good at troubleshooting the issues our customers bring to us. I’m proud of the teamwork that we have with each other, and how good we are at teaching our customers more efficient ways to assist them in their positions. I enjoy hearing, “Wow, you called back really fast!” I enjoy hearing the relief in our customers’ voices when I say, “I can help you with that.”

What Support Means to Me

Support means finding the most effective way possible to resolve a customer’s issue in a courteous manner, while also giving them the knowledge and tools they need to repair similar problems in the future.

Ryan Klein

What Support Means to Me

Would it be safe for me to say that, what you expect from customer service, I am prepared to give? Yes! When I think of what the customer might be going through at the time, I can give them better support, have more compassion, really try to listen a little more closely, and be more patient. I am able to think of what a customer might be going through by thinking about what I or someone I care about is going through, and what I would want for them when they call support. What support means to me, from the perspective of me calling for support:

  • Last line of defense. I have tried everything I can possibly think of, and if support can’t fix it, then I feel as though I’m out of luck.
  • I expect whomever I call to actually listen to my problem.
  • I don’t expect to get the runaround or have them try to talk me out of what I’m trying to do.
  • When they say I will get a call back, then I expect them to call me back.
  • They should sound like they’re happy and willing to help me. Also, if they’re too scripted it’s a turnoff because I don’t know if what they’re telling me is real or if they have to say it.
  • I feel really good when I get good customer service and I am much more willing to cut the support person some slack if I can tell they are really trying to solve the issue I’ve come to them with.
Mitchell Feldpausch

What Support Means to Me

I believe that support is making the customer feel comfortable calling for help, no matter how “stupid” they feel the issue is. We are here for them regardless of the complexity of their issue. Support is teaching the customer how to perform a task and encouraging them to learn it. Support is the customer’s biggest cheerleader. I think it is important that we get excited for the customer, especially when they are excited that they have learned something. Support is remembering that our customers are not working with the BS&A applications eight hours a day, five days a week. We need to remember that a small issue to us might seem like the end of the world to them. We need to reassure them and help them get through their crisis. Support is making sure that while providing the best help possible, we do so as a team. Through the team aspect, we are able to accomplish so much more and deliver the best customer service.

Christy Dipzinski

What Support Means to Me

I believe our support is above and beyond the traditional definition of the word. We don’t sound “scripted,” and we get to know our customers on a personal and friendly level to make them feel comfortable continuing to call for help. We often join in on others’ support calls just to see if we can lend a hand (or brain) if needed. We take on large projects and team up to be sure our customers are taken care of. I love hearing us be compared to other companies’ support departments and the praise we get for being so much better on so many levels. Support is bearing the weight of our customer’s problem and having them immediately feel it leave their shoulders when we get on the line with them.

Amy Armstrong

What Support Means to Me

Support, to me, is giving assistance and/or taking part in helping another. Support means patience and teamwork. It is a time to help others gain knowledge and advance their skills at the position they are working in. Support means being a mentor to others and lending a hand when time permits. Support is a job of nurturing and reliability, making customers aware that someone is willing to help. Support is never leaving a man in the field and always being sure everyone on your team is happy and secure in their job. Support means honor; everyone needs to give it and receive it.

Chrissy Hollern

Benefits of Deposit Creation in Cash Receipting and GL/Budgeting

Processing monthly bank reconciliations can be a very time-consuming task, what with juggling checks, deposits, and miscellaneous transactions – especially when there are multiple bank statements. Staying organized within each of these transaction types is the key to streamlining the reconciliation process. Available in both our Cash Receipting and GL/Budgeting applications, our Deposit Creation feature is just the tool you need.

Deposit Creation is an additional verification measure of your daily receipts. It organizes deposits by deposit date, deposit amount, and deposit bank, and you may view associated journal entries for individual receipts directly from the deposit screen – no need to exit the tool.

Deposits are created based on receipts taken in for a particular bank over a date range that you specify. During reconciliation, deposits can be cleared in their entirety based on what the bank received, rather than requiring you to find each check item that made up the deposit amount. This can be a valuable time-saver.

Deposit records can be saved for future reference; the Deposit Creation tool provides a search feature that lets you locate receipts and journal entries from previous deposit records. Additionally, you may enter notes for any deposit adjustments, and attach pictures or scanned documents, such as a stamped receipt from the bank.

In short, we believe our Deposit Creation tool can be a tremendous help to you. Instructions are in your software manuals, or you may contact us at any time by calling (855)272-7638, or through your program by going to Help>Contact Customer Support>Request Support Phone Call.

Sheri Trotter