Looking for a way to increase productivity while decreasing your impact on the environment? Do you need software with robust reporting and integration with Microsoft Office, allowing you to get the most out of your data? BS&A Software has the resources you need to accomplish all of this and more. The following videos present some highlights of our software suite. Please take the time to watch, and feel free to contact us for more information:

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Office Integration

BS&A Software’s suite of products works with Microsoft Office to improve your workflow and data tracking. This video presents examples of exporting to and importing from Excel, of generating letters in Word and attaching them to your BS&A data, and dumping generated reports directly to Outlook.

Simplified Report Creation

Your financial system includes a wealth of information. The key to making the system work for you is to provide a fast and efficient means to extract the information you need. BS&A Software makes creating reports with the data you need simple for both novice and experienced users. This video presents examples of how BS&A’s reporting capability can work for you. A number of topics are covered, including standard reports’ drill-down feature, the customization of columns, email capability, exports to Microsoft Excel, and Report Profiles, a collection of reports that can be generated at one click.

Simplified Report

Seamless GIS Integration

BS&A’s GIS integration allows for a direct link between your data and GIS maps, giving you a very powerful tool to view data, plot various datasets, and quickly view neighboring records. The database is linked directly to your GIS files, so no exports are required.


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