BS&A is Disengaging with Official Payments as an Electronic Payment Partner

Our formal partnership with Official Payments has recently expired. Going forward, we have decided to move away from Official Payments as an electronic payment partner.

There have been significant changes in the landscape of payment processing companies in recent years. If you have been with Official Payments for a number of years, it is likely that you are missing out on many enhancements available through our two current payment processing partners.

We’d like to encourage you to investigate Point and Pay and Invoice Cloud.

Point and Pay has been a partner of ours for approximately 12 years. They are easy to work with and have a reputation for great service. Point & Pay has made recent changes to their software that modernizes their interface while providing the latest mobile, and email features expected from a modern payment processor.

Point and Pay’s website is To view a video that explains the features of Point and Pay, click here:

Invoice Cloud is the newer of the two payment processors, but not too new for us to have a good track record with them. They offer a very leading-edge platform with many unique features. We’ve worked closely over the last few years to build an integration that our customers tell us works well.

Invoice Cloud’s website is To view a video that explains the features of Invoice Cloud, click here:

Both of the aforementioned processors offer the following services:

  • Integration with BS&A’s Cash Receipting System
  • Enrollment in AutoPay to a credit card or checking/savings account
  • Email reminders so customers will not forget the upcoming due date of their bill.
  • Tight integration with BS&A Software with near real-time updates to the individual accounts.

We enthusiastically encourage you to visit these two partners and compare what you are getting from Official Payments and what these firms may be able to offer you.

If you would like to chat with us about either Point & Pay or Invoice Cloud, feel free to contact our IT Support group.  We’d be happy to help you determine the proper fit based on your needs.

Thank you for your continued confidence in BS&A Software. We value our relationship.

BS&A Software IT Support