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97% of Michigan municipalities use at least one of our Property Applications.

Founded in 1987, BS&A Software had a vision of providing powerful property software solutions for local government. The founders knew affordable Assessing and Tax applications would be necessary to meet the needs of technology-hungry municipalities.

BS&A’s Property applications have grown to be the most recognized and used software for government in state of Michigan. The company’s success has emerged through continued investment in product development, a culture completely devoted to customer care, and constant advancement in software technology.

The original vision of the company has expanded from a focus on a small group of property-based software systems into a broad-based suite of products, all designed to facilitate the jobs of county and local government officials. Recently, significant resources have been invested in rewriting all of our software systems user Microsoft’s .NET development environment and Microsoft’s SQL Server database engine.

The success of our .NET property applications has been stellar. It has not only broadened the scope of the company, but has solidified BS&A Software’s market position as the leader of governmental software providers in Michigan.

While the commitment to continuously improve the quality of our existing products and services remains our foremost priority, we are constantly looking toward the future. That means developing innovative new features for our customers, regularly updating our technology to offer the best customer experience, and relentlessly focusing on finding ways to improve our well-known customer care.

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