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Employee Self Service is a collection of online services that allows employees to view prior checks, request changes to personal employment information, check leave balances, enter and view time sheets, and perform many other important employee housekeeping chores. This service helps minimize the time spent fulfilling information requests in-house, thus leveraging valuable human resource capabilities.

After signing in, employees can click Personal Financial Info to view a list of their past checks. The View Check link can be selected to view and print specific check stubs.

The Personal Employment Info link gives employees access to their personal information. Clicking Request a Change allows alterations to be made and submitted to the Human Resources or Payroll applications in the form of web requests, where they can be either confirmed or denied.

The Benefit Plans tab gives employees the ability to select and change benefit plans during times of open enrollment.

By clicking YTD Info, employees can browse all of their year to date information. The Leave Balances tab is especially useful, as employees can keep track of their available leave time.

The Human Resources Applicant Tracking Service allows job searchers to complete an online application and attach a resume, both of which electronically populate the BS&A Human Resources database. This eliminates the need to hand key applicant information.

The Timesheets Service allows employees and their supervisors to enter and monitor their hours online. This service will interface with our Timesheets application, updating information in real-time. It will allow for hours entered by employees to be imported into the BS&A Payroll application.

To utilize this Online Service to its full capacity, municipalities should have previously purchased the Payroll, Timesheets, and Human Resources applications.

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