The BS&A GL/Budgeting application acts as the central data warehouse for financial entries from our other seamlessly-integrated applications. Core functionality includes budgeting, long-term financial forecasting, project and grant accounting, and GASB reporting, eliminating the need for add-on modules.

Integrated Budgeting Included

Budgeting is integral to the financial function of any municipality, and, unlike some of our competitors, included in BS&A’s GL/Budgeting application.

The Budgeting function supports decentralized budget entry, imports of preliminary budgets from spreadsheets, and multiple, user-definable budget levels. Budget footnotes are maintained by the application and easily entered.

The final budget document is completely user-definable, or may be saved as a spreadsheet to give you unlimited options in formatting.

Clickable Reports Drilldown

In addition to the benefit of printing BS&A reports to the screen, saving time and paper, selected reports offer a drill down feature for a greater level of detail. This provides easy balancing while viewing one report – no need to run subsequent reports from ancillary applications to gather supporting detail.

For example, click on any transaction line in the Account Activity Report to view the source document (Accounts Payable check, Payroll check, Receipt, etc.).

Long-term Budget Forecasting

Robust long-term forecasting supports up to a 10-year projection, multiple statistical models and an unlimited number of budget “snapshots”. Statistical forecast calculations may be overridden on an ad-hoc basis to accommodate known future financial events.

Comprehensive Account and Bank Reconciliation

Many software applications use the term “reconciliation”, when in fact they merely offer the ability to mark checks as cleared.

In addition to identifying open and cleared check transactions – manually or electronically via export file from your bank – BS&A’s GL/Budgeting application groups cash transactions by deposit and reconciles other transactions (i.e., manual journal entries) that affect cash. This enables a complete reconciliation between your general ledger account balances and your corresponding bank account balances.

Unlimited History

BS&A’s GL/Budgeting application maintains an unlimited number of years of general ledger and transaction history, and makes that history useful.

Comparative historical reports can be run showing nominal and budgetary amounts, displaying data from any or all fiscal years. Seamless spreadsheet integration allows unlimited statistical analysis of historical data.

Import of Journal Entries from a Spreadsheet

Journal entries created in a spreadsheet can be imported into GL/Budgeting.

Table Views

Searchable, sortable “Journal” table view allows at-a-glance viewing of all transactions in the application – regardless of posting source. This allows easy lookup of specific transaction information without the need for running reports.

Integrated GASB 34 Reporting

All GASB 34 reports are built-in; no need for a separate reporting module. Enter adjustment journal entries in a separate Adjustments fund or in a GASB 34 Adjustments area.

Run statistical reports to identify major/minor funds with supporting calculations. Run reports in a summary format – the prescribed reporting format – or in a detailed format, which shows all general ledger balances and adjustments. Summary report formats provide drilldown into individual account balances.

Flexible Handling of Pooled Cash

BS&A’s GL/Budgeting application offers flexible handling of pooled cash funds and automated interfund transactions. Interest is also automatically allocated across related funds.

Comprehensive Collection of Built-in Reports… and a Free Report Writer

Why purchase a financial management system only to then invest more time creating the reports you need? BS&A’s applications come with an extensive list of flexible and easily-customizable reports.

A powerful Report Writer is included at no charge, giving you the ability to create reports you find necessary for your jurisdiction.

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