Complete Application Integration for a Comprehensive solution.

The need for easy access, instant information, and improved productivity are just a few of the issues municipalities face concerning financial management software. Our solution is to provide total integration between applications. This means processes are seamless with ready access to the data and functionality you need. Our Financial Management Suite integrates fully with all BS&A applications, include Purchasing, Utility Billing, Community Development, Inventory Management, Citizen Request for Action, Work Order Management System, and Internet Services…. Providing a municipality wide view of your finances, empowering you to make strategic decisions.

Our software delivers information flow and reporting in real-time to reflect the most recent transactions. This allows you to make decisions based on the latest data, view current cash balances, and easily drill down to transaction details for in-depth analysis. BS&A Financial Management allows you to zoom in on each section to focus only on the relevant data, unlike static drill-down features offered by other systems.

Our General Ledger/Budgeting Application alone offers more than 100 standardized reports, including GASB-compliant reports. In addition to these standard reports, our applications offer the flexibility to utilize a powerful report writer tool built right into the programs. This unique feature allows you to significantly reduce your reporting cycle time by creating reports within the system, rather than manipulating external spreadsheets, or being required to purchase, learn, and utilize a complex external report writer tool.

People, Technology, Integration

People drive our company…whether it is our software developers, support technicians, or customers. To provide customers with the solutions they need daily, our Financial Management developers continually create new and innovative solutions. BS&A support technicians strive to do more than just help users, but to create fans through unmatched personal service.

Technology allows us to regularly offer updated features that drive efficiency, while remaining current with the industry’s latest advancements.

Integration needs to go deeper than the applications. We believe true value is achieved by integrating people, technology, and applications. By considering these as essential, we are able to provide industry-leading technology, customer service, and application integration… a combination that delivers outstanding value to our customers.

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