Tightly Integrated System of Applications

In today’s difficult economic environment, it is common to see one person doing the job of three. There is simply no time for inefficiencies caused by the duplicate entry that occurs when accessing multiple software applications.

It is crucial that each of your accounting applications are tightly integrated. BS&A Software’s Financial Management applications are all written to seamlessly communicate with one another.

Our applications – not only those in the Financial Management System, but all of them – link together using a database grouping method. What this means for our customers is:

  • A reduction in data entry errors
  • Minimal duplicate entry
  • Overall increased productivity

Here are a few of the many benefits to our fully integrated Financial Management system:

  • Journal entries are automatically created and posted to GL/Budgeting in one step
  • Over Budget notifications are available within all applications
  • Automatic posting of encumbrance entries when a purchase order is approved in the Purchase Order application and then converted to an invoice in Accounts Payable
  • Fully integrated receipting process – Cash Receipting updates linked applications in real time
  • View journal detail and posting information from any application
  • Drill down feature in GL/Budgeting allows for instant access to the originating source document
  • Clickable links on reports allow users to jump to the detailed, underlying transaction information for a ‘summary-type’ report line – even across applications
  • GL number verification in all applications
  • Streamlined Check Reconciliation and Bank Reconciliation process from one application

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