Utility Billing

The BS&A Utility Billing application provides complete, customizable billing and tracking for a variety of utility account types. Wizards and process managers simplify complex tasks into efficient step-by-step operations.

ACH File Creation and Paperless Billing

Streamline your payment process by using ACH – payments can be automatically debited from customers’ bank accounts. Additionally, bills can be emailed to customers wanting to go paperless.

Customizable Billing Cycle

Units can customize the billing cycle to include only those tasks they use. For example, if your unit does not use ACH, the ACH task may be removed from your billing process.

Balance Manager Allows Easy Reconciliation with BS&A GL/Budgeting

The Balance Manager provides an easy way to reconcile outstanding balances in Utility Billing with the accounts receivable balance in GL/Budgeting. Drill down into the detailed transactions for the period being reconciled to easily determine the source of any discrepancies.

Deposit Tracking

Integrated deposit tracking provides the ability to calculate interest on those deposits, and offers flexibility in returning deposits to customers: the deposit may be applied to the customer’s next bill, or be electronically refunded to Accounts Payable by check request.

Built-in Meter Inventory System

Detailed meter inventory includes purchasing information, manufacturer, serial numbers, meter location (specific area of customer’s location), curb box location, and information in general necessary for meter reads.

Meter Read Equipment Exports/Imports

Meter read export/import file layouts are provided for various meter manufacturers including, but not limited to: Sensus, Badger, SLC/Neptune, Itron, Greentree, and Hersey.

One-screen History View

Each customer’s history information is accessed from one screen. Available tasks on this screen include: payment reversals, bill adjustments, and printing of various reports.

Budget Billing

Determine – for each billing item – whether or not to allow budget billing. The budget billing feature allows you to bill fixed amounts based on user-definable history instead of the actual usage for the current cycle.

Email Utility Bills

Bills can be emailed to customers wanting to go paperless.

Quick Entry of Meter Reads

For those units who do not use meter reading equipment to generate read files to be imported into Utility Billing, the application includes a process to manually enter reads en-masse. This process allows you to quickly enter the reads for all customers in a billing cycle without having to visit individual accounts.

Transfer of Delinquent Accounts to Equalizer Tax

Transfer of delinquent accounts to the property tax bill is done electronically. A billing adjustment is automatically created to reduce the account balance in Utility Billing.

Wizards Offer Step-by-step Guidance Through Common Tasks

Tasks such as shut-offs, final bills, the billing process, etc., are done with a Wizard, ensuring all necessary steps are completed.

Unlimited Billing Items/Services Per Customer

The application allows for an unlimited number of user-definable billing items per customer account as well as an unlimited number of services to be used in the calculation of the billing.

Aging Reports

Aging reports can be generated at any time by specifying an “as-of” date. This flexibility eliminates the need to print them on the last day of the month.

CASS Certification

CASS certification export/import process helps reduce mailing cost by ensuring all addresses are entered correctly.

Meter Read Estimate

Flexible read estimation provides a variety of methods to use as the basis: account average usage, user-defined date range of meter reads, or user-defined amount of usage.

Integrated Work Order Process

Fully integrated work order process allows you to track the details of all work done on a customer’s account. The process also checks for scheduling conflicts of the staff person assigned to the task. Shut-off fees, etc., can be billed to the customer once completed.

Resident Linking

Single source of resident names eliminates repetitive data entry by automatically updating all linked accounts. For example, changing the address on a landlord’s master record will update that address for all linked accounts.

Comprehensive Collection of Built-in Reports… and a Free Report Writer

Why purchase a financial management system only to then invest more time creating the reports you need? BS&A’s applications come with an extensive list of flexible and easily-customizable reports.

A powerful Report Writer is included at no charge, giving you the ability to create reports you find necessary for your jurisdiction.

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