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Whether you’re looking for software training for your entire staff, a quick refresher course for experienced staffers, or anything in between, BS&A Software is committed to offering customers the best and most flexible training options. The following types of training are offered:

  • On-site, 1-on-1 training
  • Classroom Training (Your Office or Ours)
  • Internet-based Training

New Customer Training/Consulting

Just after data conversion, there are several factors to consider:

  • There is a strong need to verify the quality of the converted data and the accuracy of the balances going forward.
  • Staff should be trained on the key features necessary to perform their day-to-day work functions.
  • Setup and configuration of the applications must be done to make the system operate in the manner most suitable for your municipality.
  • Detailed discussions and review of your internal processes must be done to find any incompatibilities between your procedures and the appropriate application’s functionality so that requests for changes can be made directly to our software developers to ensure they can be implemented in the most efficient manner possible.

New Employee Training

When new employees are brought on staff, it is often more efficient to have a trainer come in and show them around the BS&A applications, rather than take staff time to teach them the system as well as internal procedures.

Refresher Training

A refresher training class, or follow-up day, may be scheduled after initial training for new customers. This allows you to reinforce your knowledge and really get comfortable with the applications.

Many customers find it beneficial to periodically review their knowledge of the applications that they use, in order to help optimize their efficiency and use the system to its fullest capability.

Assistance Implementing a Change in Procedures

During initial training, your trainer will try to set up the system to work in the best manner possible, given your current wants and needs, so that the system can perform in the most optimal way, within the guidelines of your internal procedures.

However, circumstances change, and in the future features may be added to the system that you would like to make use of, or your processes and needs may change, requiring you to change the way that the system works for you. In these cases, it is sometimes best to have the hands-on assistance of a trainer experienced in the setup and ramifications of these types of changes.

Process Overview/Consultation

While experienced trainers will be able to assist you with the implementation of a change in the way you use your system, they may also be able to assist in improving your procedures by simply observing and questioning the ways and reasons that certain procedures are undertaken.

Financial Management Courseware Videos

As of May 2013, Courseware videos are available to current and prospective customers for our entire Financial Management (FM) suite of products. Before training begins, new customers can gain upfront knowledge and a better understanding of how our Financial Management applications work by watching the Courseware videos. This allows customers to get familiar with the programs prior to the onsite training, and in turn, make them feel more comfortable during training.

In addition, the Courseware videos are accompanied by step-by-step Courseware manuals which customers can use to follow along. Because a lot of information is packed into the on-site training sessions, the Courseware manuals serve as useful tools for customers to reference after training is completed. Customers will benefit from the ability to refresh their knowledge and confirm concepts learned through watching the videos after the trainers leave. While the Courseware videos do not replace calling the support team, they do help customers answer simple procedural questions.

The courseware videos can now be found in the Help menus of all of our FM programs, and on our website.

If you are a prospective customer, please email to request a user name/password for this courseware.

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