Administration Application

BS&A Software has created an Administration application, available free of charge to current BS&A .NET customers. It is designed to be used by I.T. personnel for the administration of SQL Server and BS&A Software .NET applications.

Key features:

  • Utilities to move BS&A .NET data between different SQL instances as well as different SQL versions
  • Add/edit/maintain users from any BS&A.NET application
  • Manage each user’s security rights from any BS&A .NET application
  • Define and set up user password requirements
  • Utilities to detect who is currently logged into BS&A .NET applications and send them messages or automatically close them out of the applications
  • Set up and maintain Active Directory interface features, including importing users and using auto-login
  • Download all BS&A .NET updates from our site. Users are automatically prompted to run the update as they enter the application
  • Set a specific active database for users for each BS&A .NET application
  • Mass update the common folders for all BS&A .NET applications
  • Set up and configure MSDTC (Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator)
  • Shrink various application databases and set the appropriate recovery mode
  • Add rules to Windows firewall for all BS&A .NET applications

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