Integrated Report Designer

BS&A’s applications have always come with a large amount of reports offering numerous options so our users can quickly get the most out of our software. However, our users also want to be able to create their own reports to solve a variety of problems.

To accomplish this, we have created our own integrated Report Designer.

Although aftermarket report writing tools like Crystal Reports offer attractive functionality, at the end of the day we knew a completely integrated, home-grown report writer would allow our users the flexibility they need while maintaining the ease of use all of our applications are known for.

Key features:

  • Streamlined capabilities with calculated expressions
  • A Table option, which allows columns of fields on a report for ease in field placement and movement
  • “Sort” banners and footers, which group data and can provide subtotals
  • Clickable reports let you click on a particular report entry to drill down to the details
  • Reports can be saved to PDF format and CSV format
  • Same look and feel as Crystal Reports
  • Our Report Profiles feature lets users group multiple reports together for more efficient printing. Individual reports within the profile have options that can be set and saved for the Profile process.

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Clickable Links Reporting Video

Clickable links

Report Profiles Video

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