Byron Township, MI

Before we switched to BS&A, our program would shut down at 6pm, and reporting was available the next day or so. Now, we can work when our schedule allows and the reporting is always at our fingertips. The support system is great and the support staff analyzes your questions and concerns and if changes are warranted, they make changes to the system. Treasurers who use this system are listened to and respected for their input.

Hats off to the support system that you have in place to answer our questions. You don’t make us feel dumb and no question is a stupid question. Everyone I have dealt with has showed me nothing but respect and they are very knowledgeable, even though we do try to stump them sometimes! The on line live data base has saved us countless phone calls and inquiries.

Thanks you for everything you do for us and I would recommend that everyone look into purchasing BS&A. They won’t be sorry!!