Charter Township of Harrison, MI

Yes, I was coming from an environment where I was using PeopleSoft software on a large mainframe. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and depth of BS&A on the small server here at the Township.

Features we like:

  • The diverse variety of reports.
  • Capability to download most reports into an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Feature that provides the ability to upload a check file from AP or PR to our bank’s computer.
  • Wide variety of tools in the various modules with which to research problems and issues, or simply to perform financial analysis.
  • Template for budget is outstanding, as well is the ability to upload the final approved budget.

I have been impressed that new reports, and at times, new steps are added to a procedures to make our jobs easier, or to accommodate a new legal or IRS requirement. BS&A software has not stagnated like software firms have allowed their products to do.

It is particularly helpful that our auditors can use a number of reports “as is” off the system for their workpapers.

BS&A has an in-depth knowledge of governmental accounting and the needs of governmental accountants, and continues to stay current with changes to accounting rules and regulations.

Even servicing the governmental arena, I would never expect a software company to program something as complex as the F-65 report into their system, especially since not all municipalities use exactly the same chart of accountants.