City of Battle Creek, MI

The list of high points and benefits of BS&A’s tax/assessing software are many. Here is a bullet list of just a few:

  • User-friendly screen / information access;
  • Compatibility of the databases, including links;
  • Ease for making changes; tracking of same (prime example are Board of Review changes that can be automatically imported to the tax file instead of entering each one manually);
  • Ability to create custom documents (such as tax bills);
  • Compliance with state tax law (and changes that come along);
  • Sorting capabilities that leads to ease of blocking data for reports;
  • Many reports and processes that make my job so much easier;
  • Ability to move between databases with ease.

Features I like include:

  • Board of Review changes made in Assessing can be automatically imported to tax database;
  • Linked fields allow name and/or address changes to made in only one database but carried through to the other databases (or not if you do not want it);
  • Changing receipt posting date on tax payments by block when we made a mistake;
  • Importing parcel information from tax file (by blocking marked parcels) to create new parcels set up a new special assessment roll in the S.A. database;
  • Quick entry feature for marking parcels;
  • Overpayment/underpayment report to find potential problem parcels;
  • Database compare between assessing and taxes for ease of locating balancing problems.