City of Clare, MI

BS&A has designed simply outstanding software that very efficiently supports municipalities in fulfilling the ever increasing demands upon our day-to-day operations in serving the needs of our local community. This is very important but where BS&A excels is in listening to, completely supporting and truly partnering with their customers in serving the public. The adage of giving more than what is expected has all been lost in today’s fast paced world but BS&A has differentiated themselves from their competitors and quite frankly most commercial enterprises by following this simply but powerful commitment. It is very apparent that BS&A recognizes and is committed to efficiently and economically serving the needs of their municipal customers resulting in an efficiently partnership to serve the public’s needs.

It may sound trite but it is a fact that when we call BS&A support for assistance we truly feel that they are a valued co-worker who is personally committed to helping us solve whatever challenge we are experiencing or trying to work through. The BS&A support staff effectively uses reflective listening skills to properly identify our question or need, is empathetic to our situation, demonstrates an understanding of the time constraints that all of us are working through and they are always very humble in their interaction skills. These qualities are basic to human interaction, unfortunately absent from so many areas of our lives but are a cornerstone of the BS&A commitment to their customers.