City of Clare, MI

Our migration from the previous versions of the BS&A municipal software to the new .NET applications provided many, many benefits for our municipality. Within the property administration software (assessing, property tax and building department) there have been numerous improvements made to the programs. Many of these improvements are of a general functionality nature and several are of significant benefit for municipalities such as the City of Clare that are physically located within two counties.

The first and foremost improvement is the fact that the programs are now based upon the Microsoft SQL database engine. In today’s fast-paced, resource constrained work world it is very important that we maximize technology resources so that they serve our needs quickly, efficiently and with as little human interaction as possible. The new BS&A .NET software provides just that type of professionally designed, efficient and powerful software. The overall interface of each of the programs are also much more intuitive, consistent from program to program and they are very responsive to user needs. Many features have been included and/or vastly improved within the new programs that quite simply make day-to-day operations much more efficient.

There are so many features that are beneficial it is difficult to focus on just a few of the many improvements to the BS&A .NET software. What immediately is apparent is the inclusion of so many improvements that are obviously the result of the BS&A staff intently and thoroughly listening to their customers. For instance, including property tax season tabs and summary information all on the main parcel screen provides relevant and succinct information that is often referred to when property owners call. Having so much information available in one concise, user oriented location makes it so much easier and efficient to answer customer questions.

Because our municipality is physically located within two counties updating the .NET software so that we can work with our entire property tax roll as one database is a huge improvement. Previously we had to manually combine the tax rolls of the two counties for many purposes which required a significant time commitment to insure that the final totals were accurate.