City of Flagler Beach, FL

The City of Flagler Beach is extremely pleased with our move to BS&A Software. While our town is a slice of old Florida, we really needed software that would bring us into the 21st Century; BS&A fit the bill. We have been up and running since October of 2012 and our staff cannot say enough about the friendly, helpful support staff of BS&A, they are simply the best.

Training sessions were concentrated toward the person/s using each module and trainers made sure we were as comfortable as possible with the new software before they left. Of course, support is available by email or by phone and another great feature is you can also browse the “Online Support Community”. With a click of a button, you can tap into a massive amount of topics using the search feature or you can look at other users’ questions and comments regarding a topic and find clear answers to frequently asked questions.

We love the Purchase Order and Accounts Payable process, since our city does not have a centralized Purchasing Department. Our Department Heads are able to enter PO’s, scan required backup and the whole approval process runs through our email. All Department Heads are able to run expense reports and drill down into their line items to see where the money has been spent. The fact that everyone in the city is a part of the actual software has been great for us as a team builder!! My favorite part is documents are scanned and attached!!! I feel that one day we will become completely paperless thanks to this software.

General Ledger, one of the most valuable tools for me, is being able to scan the backup and attach to the Journal Entry; this will be a big improvement for audit, save the time finding copies, making copies for their files, savings on paper, ink not to mention staff time. From the GL Detail you can drill all the way down to the beginning of the transactions and view the attachments to those entries. We are just getting ready for Budget, so I can’t wait to see how the new software will help us with this task.

We were able to bring our Payroll back in house by purchasing the Payroll Module and are in the process of having our entire city use the Timesheets Module, which will not only speed up the entire payroll process, it will also cut down on keying errors. As with all the modules, the payroll process is very user friendly, and off course if we get stuck, we simply send an email to BS&A directly from the module; their response time is incredibly quick. The savings for our city when we stopped outsourcing payroll helped convince the elected officials to approve the purchase of new software.

Our Finance Staff points out the following while operating Purchase Order, Accounts Payable, Utility Billing and Cash Receipts:

  • BS&A is saving us so much time especially in the areas of entering payments and tasks such as adding late fees on accounts and printing door tags. What took hours with our previous software now takes minutes with BS&A.
  • We have improved our customer service by accepting Web payments.
  • We no longer have to print large reports and use a ton of paper, with BS&A everything can be saved to a computer. This also will be extremely helpful when it comes to audit.
  • The ability to easily add comments to accounts is extremely helpful.
  • BS&A Software is extremely “user-friendly” and each module is modeled in the same way, so no matter what module you are working in, the look-up feature, tables, drill-down features and reporting are consistent.
  • BS&A Representatives are always patient and willing to “walk” us through the process of what we are trying to accomplish. The report type choices are numerous and if a specific report we need is not in the system, they are willing to help us find a way to make it possible.
  • The “real-time” feature is great because we always have up to the minute payment and receipting information for our staff and our customers.

We are looking forward to adding Building Permits to our City this month which means for the first time the City of Flagler Beach will be operating one software program, instead of each department doing their own thing.