City of Holland, MI

Assessing to Permits to Field Inspection… all work in conjunction to provide and share needed information between departments. Each program was created to meet the specific needs of each department, but all of the programs function well together. They are set up in a similar fashion, so you don’t need to be an expert in each program. And they are user friendly! Icons are displayed on the main toolbar for the most common items.

Reports are easy to run and can be customized for each department or for a specific request. Reports can be custom saved for regular reports, or you can easily create a report from scratch. There are limitless possibilities for tracking, recordkeeping, and accounting.

We use BS&A Software for all of our property records and property information. No more paper files! We track and record information for Code Enforcement, Permits, Rental Housing, and CDBG programs, all in one location. And everyone has access to the same information, right at their fingertips.

Converting from our other inspection software to BS&A was easy and intuitive. Things are clearly placed and menus are easy to access. There are many ways to search for an address, an owner, or a name record in the system. There are many ways to attach documents, letters, and photos for a complete property history at your fingertips. And with the ability to make any letter into a template letter, it eliminates saving hundreds of sample letters on your computer. Anyone in the office can access the template letters and send a letter.

Trainings that we have experienced with BS&A staff have been well planned and concise. Questions are answered thoroughly and staff takes the time to make sure you understand the answer before continuing to the next topic.