City of Inkster, MI

When you are having problem say with payroll for example, you want it fixed! The longer you have to wait for someone from customer service to call you back the more anxious and frustrated you become.

I don’t think I have ever had to wait more then 20 minutes for someone from BS&A to return my call. With the old software, my staff had become used to waiting days just for a return call. To put it nicely, often, the person calling back did not seem to share my staffs concern. Consequently, it became necessary to take a very stern tone voice with the old software support people if you were going to get anything done.

When my staff started using BS&A support, they were astonished at how quickly BS&A people could help them solve a problem, even when it involved having a programmer make a modification to the software. BS&A people were always friendly and helpful. After awhile, my staff learned that they did not need to use a stern voice to get help from BS&A. As one of my staff told me, when we make a mistake or something is just not working, they do everything they can to help us fix it.