City of Kalamazoo, MI

For us it was being shown what the UB software could do. We had spent a year or more in calls and road trips with this other vendor and realized they were not able to handle what we would need, nor could they show us what it was that they do to handle certain things. Because of the conference calls and site visits from BS&A personnel, along with the various calls to other Cities and road trips to visit the two cities to see how the system worked, it was decided that BS&A could handle the large volume of customers we have, along with the specialized programs (custom to us) we would need to do our billing.

We use handheld computers for our work orders that needed to be custom built for us. We also are court mandated to do a “look back adjustment” every year based on what we charged and what we should have charged on each cubic meters that has to be passed along to the customer. We also had customized for us our meter readings for billing purposes that are read by Consumers Energy, which we needed to be able to receive thru a FTP file and applied to our customers accounts.