City of Kentwood, MI

Tax support goes beyond any past experience with customer support, especially software support. I consider these folks an extension of my staff as they are always available. Typically a response to an email, phone call, or fax comes within 10 minutes and often an apology if the wait has been longer than they feel it should have been. They are attentive, receptive, and understanding of the fact that our knowledge of technology pales in comparison to theirs yet they bring it down to our level to resolve whatever issue we may be experiencing. I especially like the “remote in” support allowing tax support to see exactly what we are seeing. This has aided greatly in solving problems or answering questions. We appreciate the fact that they welcome suggestions of possible enhancements to the program from their users and it is often not long before we see those changes implemented. Their customers are important to them and it is very evident.

I love this company and their tax program. I love what technology can do to make us better at what we do and this is the tool and the people that do it best. I cannot imagine my job without them.