City of Rochester Hills, MI

Since our City began using BS&A’s Assessing/Tax Software, we no longer need to help implement taxation changes with our internal programmers which in the past was an extremely time consuming and expensive task. We have also been able to reduce our Treasury Dept. staff because tax administration is so much more efficient using their software. The ability to place the information on the web has eliminated a significant number of phone calls.

The affidavits for tax roll adjustment are produced from BS&A’s software instead of preparing them from spreadsheets which really saves us a lot of time. Their software allowed us to create and customize our own tax bill for our City. We can edit the tax bill whenever we need to very easily. Tax roll changes are also very easy to process. One simple process corrects both the tax bill and the tax distribution.

Over the years, I have requested several small but time-saving changes be made to their software. They have always been able to incorporate my requests and there was never a charge.