CSZ Services, MI

Working as assessors in several units, as well as on reappraisals, we probably work with BS&A Software more than most. We were anxious to use the .net software and weren’t disappointed. We believe in sitting side by side with taxpayers in our units to discuss assessing and taxable value concerns. With images, sketches and assessed/taxable history located on the front page it makes it easier for taxpayers to follow along. In most cases, change isn’t easy, but we were pleasantly surprised with the .net. It doesn’t seem like we needed the “learning curve” to use the basic assessing functions in the software. It’s easy to use as soon as it is installed.

When we export to our treasurers for summer and winter tax, .net will make sure we balance. If we don’t balance between assessing and tax, the software will tell us which parcels specifically we don’t balance on. When networked with our treasurers, it will allow us to look up tax information as well. Most taxpayer’s think of assessor’s and tax as one in the same, so it is easy for us to look up their tax without having to transfer a call back and forth between assessing and the treasurer. .Net also allows us to load several previous year’s information which allows us to view several years of assessed and taxable values without having to change databases.