Gaines Charter Township, MI

Each member of the assessing tech support team at BS&A is very knowledgeable and helpful. Their willingness to assist customers is second to none. Their response time, as well as resolution to problems, is quick and efficient. Not only do they understand the program, they understand assessing, which only enhances their service to their customers. The company’s involvement in State and local assessing associations, whether training, updating or mingling, demonstrates its’ desire to maintain successful relationships with their customers.

Another observation I have made is that the staff, across all departments at BS&A, seem to work well as a team. It is obvious that they have the best interest of their clients at hand and do what they can to make their product the best on the market. I especially like that they are open to, and appreciate, suggestions to make enhancements to the software. BS&A software makes every assessor’s job easier… especially and all its’ capabilities!