Huron County, MI

Each year’s database stands alone so it is easy to create a new database for the coming year while keeping a copy of the previous year available at all times for checking past year’s facts and figures.

Copying existing parcel data to a new parcel saves a lot of time. So does merging a parcel from one database into another.

In Huron County, we maintain a county wide master database containing values, names, addresses, etc., but it has no calculations of value. This is used for reporting, change notices, and is the basis for the tax rolls and bills. We have a separate database for appraisal studies that is used to calculate appraised values for equalization studies. The import/export capabilities of the Equalizer make it simple to keep assessed values, names, legal descriptions, sales information, property class and other information up to date in the appraisal database. It also lets us roll over the appraisal database each year so that land and building information does not need to be entered again.

Township values can easily be imported into the county master database. New parcels, names, addresses, legal descriptions input by county staff can be exported for township use.