Jamestown Township, MI

If I were going to a gym to hire a personal trainer to get me in better shape, I would pick the one with the physique I most wanted to look like. In doing so, I will know that they have experienced the challenges I too will face, and are equipped for success. Many of BS&A’s employees have or have had personal and hands on experience with property assessing and appraisal work. This experience is illustrated through the Assessing software in that it is tailored to meet all of the needs required by the State, County, and industry professional standards expected to turn out a quality end product. The integrated forms for State reporting, ease of sharing data with the County, and ability to review appraisal information quickly and easily are just a few of the reasons our office chooses to use BS&A’s Assessing software.

BS&A’s “Sales Search & Analysis” feature has made exporting, sorting, and evaluating sales data for my annual ECF reviews a seamless process.

The integration with our building department system has allowed us to import building permits assigned to a property, so that we can efficiently determine which properties require field visits.

The use of BS&A’s reports, such as the L-4021, allow me to quickly expedite lists of property data for review and audit prior to the preparation of my annual assessment notices.

I use the “Miscellaneous Totals” report on a weekly basis to verify accurate employment of my mathematical calculations. This report gives a quick synopsis of my valuation totals so that I can give informative data to our Township Board and inquiring property owners.

I use printouts of “Property Record Cards” on a daily basis to share our valuations with inquiring property owners, realtors, and the general public.