Mason County, MI

We have used BS&A’s new assessing .net software since it was first available. It has been perfected to the point that it is has become an amazing tool for our Equalization Department.

The .net software allows us to run just about any style report using queries and very specific groups of properties. It also allows us to run countywide sale studies and automatically connects them to the next report in the Equalization process. This is a huge time saver over running them one by one.

The new .net software also links with our GIS information and displays it on the parcel when the parcel is brought up on the screen.

BS&A has been very good at keeping their software up to date with all of the changes that the State has been mandating us to make. They make our job easier because we do not have to worry about whether the software will handle the changes that the STC may make at anytime.