Niles Charter Township, MI

Absolutely, the Field Inspection module has completed, and is the most valuable asset to, our multi-year digital transition process. First year implementation of digital documents and attachments to the BS&A Building Department System worked wonderfully. However, we soon discovered a problem with the massive amounts of data entry required.

As staff reductions through attrition increased, we began to notice our lag time increase to several weeks for data entry, and hand-writing an inspection record – leaving for office staff to scan and attach – became time-consuming and difficult to accomplish. We also found that IF the inspector returned to the office with some additional inspection or enforcement record information to complete, it never got done due to distractions.

Field Inspection has allowed us to perform, enter, complete, AND communicate results to permit holders and others from the (inspection) site. Field Inspection combined with in-vehicle printing and broadband internet access has revolutionized our field inspection capabilities and workflow.

Kudos on a great product from a great company with professional and courteous employees.