Oceana County, MI

Recently, the whole setup of my office changed as our Inspectors went contractual. The team at BS&A really listened to my needs and helped me lay out the reports that I needed, and actually helped me figure out what information I really needed.

When thinking back to the training, I did not have much computer knowledge when my employer first got another DOS-based program. When we started talking about switching to BS&A, I was extremely nervous about whether I would catch on to the new program and how difficult the new program might be to use. BOY, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The BS&A program is easy to learn and use, and the training was very thorough. Things I missed on the training, forgot over time, or just needed more help with, I have always gotten superior help and have never felt stupid for asking for help or questions.

Switching to BS&A was probably one of the smartest moves we have made.