Ostego Township, MI

I have been using BS&A’s Assessing software for over fourteen years. Before that I was using another program that you had to enter data at a DOS prompt. I never really understood that program. Equalizer Assessing and the .Net programs are easy to use, print out great reports, and if you have a problem their phone support is head and shoulders above all others support centers. They actually listen to their customers suggestions and have implemented many of my suggestions. BS&A is constantly striving to improve their programs. The automatic online update is a great way to keep the program up to date. I have work at many different cities and townships and they all use BS&A’s programs.

The support staff is the best in the computer software market. I have spent hours on the phone with operating software companies and other software companies. BS&A’s support staff has always solved my software problems in minutes, looked at the problem on their own, and leaving me to do my work. I really can gush about their support staff because they have helped me out so many times, so quickly and professionally. If your on the fence due to a fear of learning a new program, jump on over to BS&A’s programs. They will work with you as you get to know the program and make sure you know what you’re doing before they end your call.