Prairieville Township, MI

I am a new treasurer, and starting a new type of job and learning the software is always challenging. My first experience with BS&A was the training on how to use it. The training was great and very informational. The BS&A software is very easy to use, I am amazed at how much the software can do. I couldn’t image doing this type of work without this software program. We are also interfaced with the accounting/general ledger which makes our whole bookkeeping process so much more efficient. I could only imagine how much time this is saving our company.

Since I am fairly new at this job and using BS&A software I’m always finding newer and more efficient ways to do my job. I have just started importing files from our big Mortgage companies so we don’t have to enter each property individually. I’m really excited to see how much time this is going to save us when we send out our tax bills to the mortgage companies electronically, and when they pay them electronically. We spent a lot of time going through the list from the mortgage companies entering payments one at a time. It seems that BS&A is always coming up with newer and more improved ideas to help their customers.