St Clair County, MI

We have used BS&A Assessing products since the mid 1990’s and recently purchased the .net Tax program to add to our line of BS&A products. In my opinion they were the “best” choice by far. We switched out of necessity from an aging IBM main frame system with “homegrown” software to the Equalizer and although not entirely seamless, the transition went smother than I had ever anticipated. Even when facing some very “unique and thought provoking” issues, the BS&A staffers are always willing to assist us in our time of need and I cannot thank them enough.

We have been using the Assessing .net package for almost a year now, and almost every day I find something new. The most recent was the “new” STC form 2793 that includes both single and 2 year sales studies on the same page, plus Dan Bengal informed me of how I can run the entire county at one time and get individual forms for each unit. Great time saver!