Thornapple Township

The “Tax” and “Assessing” programs can be linked, providing up-to-the-minute name and address changes to the Tax Program as they are changed by the assessor in the Assessing data base. Many benefits to this! Also, with this linkage, certain fields can be utilized in Assessing that carry over to Tax (helpful in report writing and sorting). We always know if “Tax” and “Assessing” have differences, due to a handy little icon that appears on the bottom of the screen in “Tax”. This has proven in helpful in alerting me that a mid-year assessor uncapping was input into Assessing but not in Tax! Our Tax system is also linked to Utility Billing, so when a firm calls to inquire the status of property taxes, we can also check the UB status directly in the Tax system! What a time saver THAT is!! Besides it saving us time, it also reminds us to check for late/unpaid sewer billings as we are checking the tax status.