Village of Shorewood, WI

When you partner with BS&A, you get software that works great now, and helps communities move to the next level. Their software allowed us to easily move into a paperless environment. Now when auditors come, we don’t spend hours pulling invoices and journal entries only to re-file them again later. If we want to see the invoice or journal entry support, it’s all available in our system. I already got rid of an entire filing cabinet because I just don’t have the paper anymore!

One of my favorite parts of BS&A is simply the ease of use of the software. Everything is intuitive and easy. I can see all of the transactions in an account just by clicking on the amount from a report. Before I had to close the report, move out of the report writing section, get into the chart of accounts section, look up the account number, then run another report just to see the transaction history. Now it’s one click, and the best part is—when I’m done, I am still in the report.

The software was not oversold; everything that we were told during the demonstrations was 100% true! At some companies once the sale is done, you never talk to the sales teams again. At BS&A, the sales team made sure our implementation went smoothly and even continued to check in later to make sure we were happy.

BS&A has also helped us improve our customer service by providing online payment options and ACH debit and e-billing for utility bills. Our customers have been asking for this for years!

They look at each client as a partner, and truly listen to us if we have an idea on how to make our processes better. Rather than just saying, “this is how the software works”, they work with us to continuously make improvements on how the system works and adding functionality.

They are big enough to provide us with great support, (i.e. talented programmers, implementation and support teams), but small enough that they still care about every client’s experience.