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Jim Novak
Direct: 513-532-7341

Point & Pay has partnered with BS&A in over 500 client installations across the country to deliver fully integrated payment processing solutions for taxes, utilities, registrations, licenses, and more. From mobile payment solutions and eBilling to integrated cashiering, we cover everything a BS&A client needs for processing payments anytime, anywhere.

David Nieves
Direct: 781-353-3702

InvoiceCloud, an EngageSmart solution, is a leading provider of online bill payment services. Founded in 2009, the company has grown to be one of the leading disruptors in the cloud-based electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) space, helping institutions put customer experience first. By switching to InvoiceCloud, clients can improve customer engagement, loyalty, and efficiency while reducing churn and missed payments in the process.

Tyler Lloyd
Director of Sales

Selectron has over 30 years of experience providing self-service solutions that help government agencies deliver crucial services to their citizens. The Selectron Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Texting (SelecTXT) solutions let citizens access Utility and Building Inspection information directly from their phone using simple voice or text prompts. Selectron has integrated these voice and texting tools to BS&A Utility and Community Development software, creating automated solutions that streamline key processes for agency customers and back-office staff.

Jamie Blundell
Direct: 516-592-0885

Andrews Technology is a nationwide Time & Attendance company focused on providing the Novatime system specifically to the Public Sector. Novatime is a 100% web based Employee Time & Attendance and Scheduling System.

Clients that have Novatime for time & attendance experience the benefits of our interface with BS&A. The Novatime system will allow users to export data into payroll for normal work hours, premium hours, shift differential hours, comp-time hours, and more. The BS&A interface will allow users to import employee demographic data from payroll into Novatime for employee name, employee ID, date of hire, labor groups, address, phone number and more. New hires and employee updates need only be entered into your BS&A system, with the ability to export to Novatime each day.


e-PlanSoft™ offers market-leading compliance software for design, construction, inspection, and assessment processes. e-PlanSoft’s collaborative, web browser-based products have been designed by industry experts for architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) companies as well the state, county, and municipal agencies charged with code creation and enforcement.

Our suite of products lowers the cost of doing business in both the private and public sectors by replacing printing, shipping, and storage expenses with convenient online document uploads and enabling browser-based online plan reviews.


Kevin Keyes
Direct: 517-614-3643

Through its alliance with BS&A Software, MuniVate has created an on-demand library of training videos related to both the BS&A .Net and Cloud platforms. Additionally, MuniVate can create custom training videos, LMS courses, and other onboarding content specific to your unique processes.

MuniVate also offers a range of professional services such as change management for new implementations, collaborating with and complementing BS&A’s Project Management services by serving as the client-side lead on implementation projects.

For existing BS&A Community Development customers, we also offer current and future-state process definition and documentation, database configuration, and training services. We can help you maximize your investment and get the most of your BS&A Community Development Software.


Brian Kienle
Direct: 614-323-5099

Pivot Point is a fully integrated business partner for mobile assessing designed to work with BS&A’s Assessing System.  Take thousands of parcel records with you, get real time travel directions, use GPS to pull up parcels near your location, mark up property record cards and sketches, capture images, edit attributes and more all through our user-friendly interface.  The Pivot Point Field App leverages the latest technologies to blend GIS, CAMA and powerful cloud computing through native mobile applications on Windows, Android and iOS platforms.

Apex Software

Apex Software continues to operate as the leader in Sketching Software development for the real estate appraisal and related industries.

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