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Municipalities across the state of Michigan rely on fair and equitable property assessments, and timely taxation and collections. We’ve been the innovator and leader in the Michigan Assessing and Tax industry for over 30 years. BS&A has numerous team members with direct experience, and we pride ourselves on our unparalleled service. Our Assessing and Tax solutions support virtually every jurisdiction in the state of Michigan – nearly 1,600 municipalities.

Our Assessing and Tax solutions have gone through many iterations since our original software design more than 30 years ago. Our new Cloud-Based suite has been re-built from the ground up to take advantage of the latest technological innovations. Now, you can operate in a single, shared database that crosses modules. This allows for unprecedented integration between our Assessing, Tax, Special Assessment, and Delinquent Personal Property solutions – all information relating to your municipality is at your fingertips in one cohesive web-based system.

Your Assessing and Tax data needs to be secure and accurate. Our time-tested solutions work successfully in every municipality in the state of Michigan. Our newly-written Cloud-Based software suite will continue to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and performance of assessors and treasurers throughout the state. Designed to run in your favorite browser with data stored in Microsoft Azure data centers, our Cloud-Based software solutions allow you to work anytime, anywhere.

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